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Piano Tuning And Repair Services In Nairobi Kenya

Reliable and Hassle-Free Piano Tuning and Repair Services in Nairobi Kenya.

Are you looking for prompt, reliable and highly effective piano tuning and repair services in Nairobi Kenya? Do you need to have your digital piano or acoustic piano repaired? Don’t look beyond Bestcare Piano Tuning and Repair Services in Nairobi.

Professional Piano Tuning and Repair Services in Nairobi

With a vast wealth of industry experience and the right tools and equipment, we have rich expertise in repairing and restoring all makes and models of Upright, Pianola and Grand pianos. Whether your piano has worn dampers, broken hammers and loose tuning pins or do you want to get your piano fully restored and polished – we have got you covered. We are well equipped to provide our clients with the best suited repairing solutions at affordable rates.

For Piano Tuning and repairs services in Nairobi Kenya, look no further than Bestcare Piano Tuning and Repair Services. Whether it is a serious damage or a minor repair, we have the skills to fix it in no time. From modern Uprights and Concert Grands to family heirlooms and priceless antiques, we have repaired and restored a wide range of pianos – rejuvenating the beauty of the case appearance and restoring the functionality and tone.

We never follow the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach and so we provide our clients with tailored repairing solutions that best suit their needs. After conducting in-depth on-site inspections, we develop and implement the best suited piano repair and restoration plan.

We are the right people to bring your piano back to its former glory. From a minor adjustment to a full restoration – our piano repair work is fully guaranteed. You can rest assured that we re-tune all pianos before returning them to their owners.

Minor repair works can be done at your place, but more serious repairs that require specialist tools and time needs to be carried out at our state-of-the-art workshop. We understand it can be troublesome transporting a bulky piano and so we also provide expert transportation advice.

Are you looking for reliable Piano Tuning and Repair Services in Nairobi? Get In Touch! (+254) 725 548 383 / (+254) 722 566 999 / info@bestcareservices.co.ke

Affordable Piano Repair Services in Nairobi Kenya

Our full range of piano repair services include and are not limited to:

  • Repair broken panels and components
  • Repairing or replacing key-tops
  • Pin block & tuning repair or replacement
  • Veneer Repair
  • Wrest Plank Replacement
  • Fabrication of New Tops
  • Repairing action felts, leathers and springs
  • Bridge Capping
  • Polishing
  • Replacement of worn parts
  • Case Work Re-Polish
  • Restring
  • Soundboard and bridge repair or replacement
  • New Dampers
  • Soundboard Replacement
  • Repairing internal elements
  • Repairing or replacing broken strings and multiple tunings
  • Replacing hammers
  • Case refinishing
Are you looking for reliable Piano Tuning and Repair Services in Nairobi? Get In Touch! (+254) 725 548 383 / (+254) 722 566 999 / info@bestcareservices.co.ke
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