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Borehole Drilling Services in Kenya

Our experience and expertise in borehole drilling services in Kenya for private properties is second to none as is our reputation for project management and customer service.

Bestcare Services is a leading provider of geotechnical drilling solutions across the country. Whatever your site investigation needs, whether it be the smallest of city basements or a large stadium project, Bestcare Services will provide you with the bespoke and tailored service that you require with our clean, compact drilling equipment we can create water boreholes even in confined town spaces in the country.

Reasons to Choose Bestcare Services as your preferred Borehole Drilling Company in Kenya

Borehole Drilling Services in Kenya
  • Thorough project design to ensure a future proof system through our after-drilling services and maintenance.
  • Pricing designed to suit each individual system as every project is different. With us you know what you are getting for your money.
  • Fully qualified water treatment specialists. We are able to provide solutions for nearly all chemical water analysis outcomes.

Are you looking for reliable Borehole Drilling Services in Kenya? Get In Touch! (+254) 725 548 383 / (+254) 722 566 999 / info@bestcareservices.co.ke

Our Borehole Drilling Services in Kenya

Our services include:

  • Window sampling ground investigation– This is also known as “mini-bore holing” or “dynamic sampling”. Window sampling in Kenya is used for geotechnical investigation for sites with restricted access and sites with soft ground conditions. Sampling is done using track-mounted rigs that are highly versatile and capable of carrying out rapid, shallow-soil site investigations.
  • Sonic drilling– this is an advanced drilling technique which utilizes high-frequency energy generated inside a sonic head to advance a core barrel downward through a substrate. Sonic drilling in Kenya is quickly picking up as it is much more clean and faster.
  • Water Well drilling– Best Care Services constructs water wells in Kenya across a range of different strata and formations. Whether you need a well for personal, domestic, business and corporate, agricultural or geothermal energy usage, we can implement them.
  • Cable Percussion drilling– this is the most common form of drilling in Kenya for standard geotechnical and ground investigations. Boreholes are formed using a shell or clay-cutter (the drill bit which is used depends entirely on the formation being bored into). Then, as the percussive drilling progresses, steel casing is lowered into the borehole to ensure the integrity and stability of the surrounding borehole walls.

One of the main benefits to cable percussion drilling is that it can tackle most types of ground situation, both consolidated and unconsolidated substrate formations. Cable percussion drilling can also drill deeper, and drill further into the water table than other drilling methods.

  • Restricted Access Drilling– we have been able to conduct restricted access borehole drilling in the country in some of the major cities such as Nairobi, Kisumu and Nakuru with complex and tight spaces.
  • Casing and Rig Hire– You can hire drilling rigs for your projects as well as different casings. Contact us for all your hiring needs.
  • Calibrating and Testing– As a borehole drilling company that conducts site investigations, Best Care Services offers a thorough sample testing service such as Standard Penetration Service (SPT), Cone Penetration Test (CPT) etc. Contact us to know more about our tests and the prices.

Frequently Asked Questions About our Borehole Drilling Services

In Kenya, most people think that boreholes are for commercial properties but whether you’re a home-owner, farmer or industrial business having your own borehole drilled is a big job. It’s one that requires a lot of research, plenty of consideration and you have to be absolutely sure of what you’re getting and how it will benefit you.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions answered:

To determine the cost of drilling a borehole in Kenya the following things are considered; hydrogeological survey, environmental impact assessment, government fees and drilling charges per meter. Contact us to get a full quote of your project.

As long as there is sufficient space on your site or property and sufficient access for the drill rig, you can just about drill anywhere. Naturally, the site/s will be influenced by the geohydrologist siting prior to drilling.

A hydro-geological plan can be organized within 14 days where the results will help us determine the estimate price of the project within 2 days. Then permissions will be applied and this is determined by the government and the relevant organizations. On-site work can span 10-15 days

A borehole in Kenya will range from 150-200 meters in depth. However, a hydro-geological survey needs to be conducted to determine how deep the drillers need to dig to reach the water level in your area. Our work will take a full month when we have all the licensing done.

During pumping a borehole pump produces a ‘cone of depression’. This is the influence zone of where water is being abstracted. Where possible any new borehole should be outside this zone to ensure that one borehole does not affect another.

Where possible boreholes should always be a minimum of 50m away from any potential source of contamination such as septic tanks. On some sites this just isn’t possible but as long as the septic tank or other source of contamination is modern and well maintained and the borehole has been constructed properly with sufficient casing then it should be ok.

You will need an electric pump that is a three-phase line whose cost will only be determined after the drilling and testing the water yield capacity of your borehole.

We usually recommend carrying out a water quality analysis prior to use of the water to fully understand the contents of the water. Suitable filtration can be installed pending the results of the analysis.

The first step is to get your water analysis done. We work closely with a leading laboratory that can check your water for substances such as iron, manganese, calcium and other minerals and contaminants like bacteria, etc. If your water has failed quality tests for the required usage, we will specify a filtration system that will be suitable to remedy this problem

A borehole pump fails usually due to neglect to monitor the pump, motor failure, changes in level of water, unchecked changes in pumping conditions and iron contamination that will lead to borehole failure.

Borehole drilling is a process that begins with the Hydro-geological survey and Environmental Impact Assessment by professionals accredited to Water Resources Authority (WRA) and NEMA for the authorization to drill.  We will take on the process of all government applications and follow up on the issuance of the licenses after we have received receipt of our quotation.

Are you looking for reliable Borehole Drilling Services in Kenya? Get In Touch! (+254) 725 548 383 / (+254) 722 566 999 / info@bestcareservices.co.ke
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