Have a clean and cozy home

Cleaning can be time consuming taking away hours of your weekend or free time with your family. Enough of the dirt and grime sneaking into your life. With Bestcare Cleaning services we can maintain a clean environment in your home or business while you enjoy your time doing other things

Bestcare Cleaning services will gladly clean your home to ensure that after a day’s work you get back to a cozy haven because you deserve the best. We ensure each cleaning job is delivered to the highest possible standards.

Our team of detail oriented technicians will analyze the type of floor your house is made of and use the safest and most effective cleaning method possible. This is important because various types of flooring require different treatment i.e. wood, ceramic, terrazzo, concrete, marble, laminate, vinyl etc – each needs special care and suitable cleaning techniques.

Trust us to give your home or apartment in Nairobi, Kenya the freshness you deserve in just a few hours. You can call Bestcare Cleaning services  on (+254) 722 – 566 999 for a one off cleaning service, or you can also contract us for regular cleaning services e.g. once a week or once a month – whichever suits you.

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