We are aware that the appearance of your garden reflects the image of your home or business. We mow, trim and plant your flowers and maintain them around the year. We have different flower designs to allow you the freedom to choose.
We always inspect your surroundings in order to offer garden and landscape designs that best befits and brightens your home or business premises.
We offer the following gardening and landscaping solutions
• Maintenance of Indoor Plants
• Periodic Manure and Nutrition application
• Hard Landscaping Services; this usually comprises the car parking areas, Steps to Entrance, Courtyard Paving, Fencing and Boundaries
• Soft Landscaping; this usually comprises the Office Plants and Flowers

Tree shaping, tree removal, land clearing services

We handle any of your tree shaping, tree removal, land clearing and stump grinding needs in a prompt and professional. Damaged or dead trees can threaten lives or destroy your high value of properties. Protect your home or business from dangerous trees.
We offer the following tree cutting and land clearing services
-Bush Trimming and Pruning
-Shrub Removal
-Dangerous Tree Identification
-Dead, Dying, Or Dangerous Tree Removal
-Land Clearing
-Complete Tree Removal
-Tree Pruning and Tree Trimming
-Stump Grinding

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